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What is the Boston Greenbelt Walk?

The Boston Greenbelt Walk - is a 32-mile, one-day walk between Newton and Malden, MA. The Boston Greenbelt Walk is a new major event created by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) with the support of the FreeWalkers to encourage the public to explore trails and the potential to connect major open spaces in the Greater Boston area.

Last year the walk started in Malden and ended in Newton. For 2015, the walking route will be the same but in reverse. i.e., from Newton to Malden.

Consistent with most of our walks, we utilize public transportation where possible to facilitate participation and minimize the impact on the environment. This walk starts at Newton Waban T station and ends at the Oak Grove Station Orange MBTA T  line in Malden where participants can begin and end by public transport. There is also an option to start at Riverside Station in Newton (total of 30miles to Malden).

Whereas, last year we encouraged others to join the walk at various points along the route, this year we are recommending joining the walk at either Waban or Riverside stations at the appropriately scheduled times. This will help us better manage the event and those participating. We enourage walkers to walk as far as you would like if you choose not to walk the entire distance. There are many points of public transportation along the way which you can utilize if you need to.

There's plenty of parking at both beginning pints of Oak Grove and Riverside stations ($6 per day) and at the end point at Oak Grove station. This walk is a combination of walking on single track, dirt trails, hardpack, and paved surface trail, sometimes through established communities, and along streets and sidewalks. It's a challenging personal event which is free and open to the public.