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Does it cost anything to participate in the event?

No. This walking event is FREE and open to the general public and is organized jointly by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and other trail groups, and the FreeWalkers, a free, social network of individuals promoting long distance walking and related events for the general public.

We may designate a charity or non-profit as a partner for the walk. In that situation, donations will not be required but may be suggested.

Walkers should be plan to be self-sufficient by bringing their own food and supplies, or by being prepared to pay for them along the way. We will post more information on available support in the future.

Sign up now for our email list to stay on top of general news about the event. To sign up as a participant you will need to register at Registered participants get the latest event information and will be able to set their own walking goals. After the walk, we will survey participants, post results for registered walkers, and tally with others for the total miles walked that day.