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Can anyone walk the Boston Greenbelt Walk?

Yes, the walk is open to any individual. Keep in mind that this is not a race. The main group of walkers expect to finish in about 13 hours. This assumes being able to walk at a fairly brisk pace, with some rest stops along the way. That represents an average of about 2.5 mph. A fairly fast pace for an individual comfortable with walking is 4 mph, but very few people can maintain that pace for long. Also, be aware that walking on wooded paths often reduces your speed to closer to 2 mph. Advanced groups may not wait for walkers who cannot stay with the pace. Chances are, you will meet walkers with a variety of experience and skill to match your objectives. Or bring a friend or family member along.
To accommodate various skills and fitness levels, you may walk at your own pace. We will provide suggested spots where you might consider tailing off. We will be posting a schedule of times where we anticipate the group will be passing various locations so you can plan ahead. You might want to consider setting a shorter walk objective of, say, 2 miles, 7 miles, 10 miles or 15 miles. It will be the responsibility of the walker to find transportation back to their home or starting point. The route is designed to promote the use of public transportation, especially MBTA trains and buses, to assist you in getting to the event and back home.